The Vice-President for Research-Innovation

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The Vice-President for Research-Innovation

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The Vice-President for Research-Innovation is in charge:

1.  Research:
1.1 Management of research programmes 

follows up national and international calls for projects and mobilises research structures to submit proposals; 
provides the necessary support to the research structures for setting up their projects and setting up the required consortia; 
ensures the administrative and financial management and monitoring of ongoing research projects and programmes, in coordination with the relevant departments of the University;
monitors research programmes at national and international level;
prepares the annual budget of the UEMF Technology Platform and the rules for the use of equipment ; 
collects information from UEMF research structures and prepares monitoring reports.
1.2. Steering of research 

is setting up a research management control system at the University;
organises the internal and external evaluation of the University's research activities;
prepares a draft annual report on the University's research activities;
establishes and updates indicators and an annual benchmark of the University's research system performance;
sets up a quality management system for the University's research activities;
develops and disseminates health and safety standards for research at UEMF by organising courses for all UEMF researchers;
organises the annual Research Day at UEMF ;
coordinates the activities of the Euromed Research Centre;
coordinates the activities of the Doctoral Studies Centre.
2. Transfer and innovation:
2.1. Transfer and valuation 

conducts scientific and technological intelligence activities as well as economic intelligence activities;
Prospects, negotiates, drafts and manages research contracts;
carries out any action aimed at facilitating the transfer of research results to socio-economic circles;
assists, together with the University's legal affairs department, in the preparation and negotiation of contracts for research and services carried out by the University's research structures;
monitors research contracts and ensures compliance with contractual clauses;
sets up a system for protecting research results at UEMF;
ensures the filing of Patents for the protection of research results;
manages and exploits UEMF's patent portfolio. 
2.1 Innovation.

sets up the research prize, the thesis prize and the innovation prize (standards, organisation and award procedures);
protects, to the extent possible, the University's research work with intellectual property titles;
assists in the drafting of descriptive memoranda of inventions and provides advice on intellectual property matters;
develops the entrepreneurial spirit within the University through appropriate awareness and training programmes;
brings out projects for the creation of innovative companies, in particular by valorising the University's intellectual property titles;
negotiates licenses for the exploitation of the University's research results;
monitors start-up projects and attracts young companies to join the University's incubator;
coordinates the activities of the University's innovation structures.

Engineer, laureate of the Mohammadia School of Engineers, Rabat, Morocco
Doctorate from the University of Liege, Belgium

Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering

Current Responsibilities
Since 2013, Vice-President of the Euromed University of Fes
Professor-Researcher in charge of renewable energies and energy efficiency

Previous Responsibilities
Vice-President of the Euromed University of Fes in charge of Administrative and Legal Affairs
From 1983 to 2019, Professor-Researcher at the Mohammadia School of Engineers, Rabat, Morocco
Vice-president of the Mohammed V-Agdal-Rabat University from 2005 to 2010
Member of the national commission for the development of the national research and innovation strategy for 2025 and the 2006-2010 action plan of the national research and innovation system

Scientific Activities
Author and co-author of several dozen publications in indexed international journals and holder of a patent
Founder and director of the Technological Innovation Center from 2000 to 2006.

Other Activities and Participation in Institutions
Resident member of the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology

The 1st prize for innovation by the Moroccan Technology Diffusion Network.