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Visite de deux chimistes de l'Université d'Angers à






Lundi 27 Novembre 2017


Dr. Abdelkrim El-Ghayoury et Dr. Lionel  SANGUINET de l'Université d'Angers vont rendre visite au campus de l’Université Euromed de Fès.


Le professeur Lionel Sanguinet donnera une conférence sous le thème :


« Les unités indolino-oxazolidine : la clé à molette des interrupteurs moléculaires pour l’optique non-linéaire »



Biographie :


Dr. Lionel Sanguinet has extensive experience in the elaboration and the characterization of switchable molecular systems incorporating some photochromic units or redox moieties. He carried out his studies in chemistry in Bordeaux where he completed his Ph.D. in 2003 entitled " Les benzazolo-oxazolidines : nouveaux composés photochromiques dédiés aux applications ONL" under the supervision of Pr J.L Pozzo and V. Rodriguez. After 2 years post-doctoral stage with Pr R.J. Twieg at Kent State University (Ohio) in the U.S. working on the elaboration and the characterization of octupolar chromophores for NLO application, he joined the Dr. E. Levillain's group as post-doctoral fellow to work on the elaboration of self-assembled monolayers. Finally, he was recruited at Angers university in 2007 before obtaining his "Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches" entitled "Élaboration de systèmes moléculaires multi-commutables" in 2015. During these, a range of skills were acquired in design, synthesis and characterization of molecular systems incorporating some photoactive and/or electro-active units and their implementation in material. His research activities have conducted to publish 48 articles in national and international journals (with more than 900 citations, h-index: 17) and he was recently invited to write a book chapter in "Photon-Working Switches" edited by Pr Y. Yokoyama and K. Nakatani reporting the properties and applications of indolinooxazolidines as photo-, electro- and acido-chromic unit.


His recent interests concern the elaboration of multimodal switch which can be defined as molecular system exhibiting two different metastable states and where the commutation between them could be performed by using in a indifferently manner at least two different type of stimulation. Beside this main activity, he is also largely involved in the elaboration and the characterization of semiconductor material for molecular electronic.



Le professeur Abdelkrim El-Ghayoury donnera une conférence sous le thème :


Matériaux Moléculaires Multifonctionnels à base de TétraThiaFulvalene (-TTF)


Résumé :


Nous décrivons la synthèse et la caractérisation par diffraction de Rayons X d’une série de dérivés de TétrathiaFulvalènes fonctionnalisés par des acides aminés tels que la glycine et l’alanine chirale ainsi que par un dipeptide à base de glycine et d’alanine. Les acides aminés sont ajoutés au TTF par le biais d’une fonction amide et la fonction acide terminale est ensuite utilisée en présence d’une base appropriée, durant les expériences d’électrocristallisation, soit pour l’obtention de systèmes mono-moléculaires (radicaux zwittérioniques) soit de systèmes bi-moléculaires. Les expériences d’électrocristallisation, en présence d’une base de type fumarate, nous ont permis d’obtenir des matériaux zwittérioniques originaux pendant que des matériaux bi-moléculaires sont obtenus en utilisant une base/électrolyte plus faible. Les relations structures/propriétés seront discutées et analysées avec un regard particulier sur l’assemblage supramoléculaire et l’organisation au sein de ces matériaux par le biais des liaisons « peptidiques ».



Biographie :


Abdelkrim El-Ghayoury received his Ph.D. in 1999 in Molecular chemistry at Strasbourg University. After two years post-doc (1999-2001) in Eindhoven University, he worked as senior researcher in TNO Institute of Technology (2001-2004). Since 2004, he is an associate professor in Angers University where he is working on multifunctional molecular materials. In 2013 he received his habilitation diploma at Angers University. He is interested in associating two or more physical properties within the same material such as conductivity and magnetism. He is also interested in linear and non linear optical properties of coordination metal complexes in which the NLO response is modulated by the metal complexation. He has published around 80 articles (h-index = 25, 1974 citations, 27 citations per article: source web of science); and he is a co-author of one international patent. He presented over than 30 regular as well as invited conferences (in national and international conferences) and invited seminars and he was part of the organizing committee of six national and international conferences. He has supervised over than10 master students, co-supervised 3 Ph.D. students and is actually supervising 2 Ph.D. Students.

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